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Here's a little about what I have been working on.

A lot of research goes into my books as I try to be as authentic as possible while still engaging my imagination to create and develop an entertaining plot with likeable characters. My books are not deep, psychological thrillers so I carefully choose topics that I think I can expand on to create a fun, entertaining fast read – an escape from reality.

In TRAINED TO KILL, I shared Oliver's involvement with Quest at the prompting of his father prior to becoming a cop with the New Orleans Police Department (N.O.P.D.). I did this solely for the purpose so that I could expand on this from time to time in future books. (Please note: The Detective Oliver Rousseau novels are NOT intended to be an espionage spy-thriller series.) Oliver's involvement with Quest is not a full-time job. He is not part of the prestigious Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Black Ops, or Special Forces. Quest is, and always has been, a top-secret network of elite operatives consisting of a handful of men and women in the U.S. that are only called upon for "certain" government jobs that sometimes require one-off elimination and does not fall into the previously mentioned categories, or under the command of a 5-Star General. Is Quest real? Absolutely! However, I have changed the name of this top-secret organization for the purpose of my books. 

In UNSUSPECTING, I reveal that Quest is a C.I.A. operation of far-reaching magnitude. First and foremost, Oliver is a husband, father, son-in-law, brother-in-law, friend and homicide detective.

In THE PROTECTOR, Oliver's affiliation with Quest comes back into play while trying to solve a murder, among other things, but the focus of this novel is on the Catholic Church. Hmm! And, while Oliver wears many hats, as most of us do, his focus is always on family first.

In INJUSTICE, a string of recent murders relates back to an old case... Remember The Campus Killer?

I may not be cranking out two and three books a year, but I am working hard to keep each book unique, relatable, yet separate from the others, and still create the best work I can for you. Unfortunately, I can't predict when the next novel will be completed because I don't know where the story will take me from day to day, and even when it's finished it still has to be edited – which is a long process in and of itself. Please be patient, keep me on your reading list, and check back often to see where I am in the writing process and I'll do my best to keep you updated.

More importantly, THANK YOU for reading my books. Please leave a review where you purchased the book. Good or bad, the reviews are the only way I'll know if you enjoy the books or when I'm getting stale and it's time to move on to another project. I am most appreciative of YOU – THE READER.

Regards, Cynthia
July 2015