Even though my website was created for my mystery suspense crime novels, I have also written a love story entitled MEMORIES. It is in the final stages and will be released at some point. Stay tuned...

September 20, 2014

Synopsis: Memories

In 1958, a wealthy man is looking forward to retirement and buys one-hundred acres of land next to Taylor Sullivan's cattle ranch in Gentilly, Texas, some seventy-five miles north of thriving Houston. Taylor, a small-town girl, not yet a senior in high school, takes a special interest in the construction of the owner's new house. When she meets a young man delivering horses for the new owners there is an instant attraction, something she hasn't experienced in her young seventeen years.

Luke Anderson, twenty-four, comes from a prominent family, his mother a socialite in Houston where she enjoys everything the Anderson name affords her. Luke attends Rice University and has his future all planned; after graduation he will marry the daughter of his mother's best friend. But when he visits the house his father is building in Gentilly he unexpectedly meets the girl next door who so captivates him that he spends the summer of '59 falling in love.

Thus begins the romance between Luke and Taylor; a first love of great attraction and uncontrolled passion.

Memories is an enduring story of love found, love lost - and love regained as two people journey through life to their golden years. But one thing remains constant, the binding love of a lifetime: a romantic testament of true love.

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