A Detective Oliver Rousseau Novel


                                    #4 in the series (2015)


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A call to 911 leads the Major Crimes team to an apparent homicide… as a series of senseless murders unfold committed by the media-dubbed "Nawlins Night Stalker".

One murder, then two… and more in the offing… as Oliver and the team scrambles to learn the how and the why - until the evidence points to a startling discovery – the Night Stalker is one of their own.  But when the psychics examine the evidence, they uncover something far more sinister than murder - a dark secret that has fiery consequences.

Injustice delves into the magnitude of one person's quest for justice and asks the questions: Can we really believe in forensic evidence? And what happens when we accuse the wrong person of murder?


Townley carefully creates page by careful page a haunting and disturbing reality.

                                                                   B. Harper, New York

Don't miss this top-grade thriller with its beloved characters that will keep you glued to this page-turning read. Townley is that good at what she does.

                                                                   S. King, Washington

Townley is equally skilled at reflecting procedural details, uncovering fault, and treating her flesh-and-blood characters – with compassion and humor.

                                                                    The Blue Bay Book Club, Georgia