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                       Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

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"When people heard I published a book in five days they wanted to know how I did it. This manual is a "tell-all" of the challenges I faced with traditional book publishing versus self-publishing, and the months of research that drove me to the decision to self-publish my first novel. Although my book is a mystery/crime novel, I have included necessary steps for writers of non-fiction and picture books. I hope you find this "How To" manual helpful."

     This is a 54-page manual which serves two distinct purposes. First, it's a "tell all" that is essential for first-time authors who need to know how to get their book published, and second, what published authors want to know who are dissatisfied with their past book publishing experience.

     This manual focuses on fiction books; however, the steps for getting a non-fiction book published are virtually the same, and the differences are noted, where applicable.

     Upon completion of this manual, you will have gained insight into the book publishing business - traditional and self-publishing; recognize the best option for publishing your book, and know how to get it published.

     The first part of this manual explains in detail "How To" publish your book by traditional methods, including what documents are required, examples of those documents, how you are paid, and questions to ask before signing a contract. The second part is a "How To" self-publish an ebook, at little or no cost to you, and understanding why ebooks are so popular.

     In addition, you will learn the proven, easy 3-step process to self-publishing - from manuscript to beautifully published ebook available at online retail sites - in just five days - with no experience necessary. If you are technically challenged like me, I provide actual names and email addresses for the experts who assisted me. Furthermore, you will learn "How To" do-it-yourself for free, where to find support from published authors, tips for marketing your book on a budget - what is free and what cost money, and "How To" make your book successful.

     Topics covered: Is Your Book Unique?, The Query Letter, The Synopsis, The Proposal, Finding an Agent, The Book Editor, The Publisher's Contract, Indie Self-publishing - Print Books and Ebooks, Traditional Publishing vs. Indie Self-Publishing, and Tips For Self-Marketing Your Ebook, just to name a few.

Note: Due to the popularity of touchscreen electronic devices, and this manual is an ebook, I have intentionally omitted "linked" websites. Instead, I have provided the web addresses to notable sites discussed in this manual for you to copy and paste into your browser.

Update 9/13/2013:

Book Covers:

If you are having trouble finding someone to create your ebook cover there are now a lot of them on the internet doing it fairly inexpensively. (Check out Kindle Direct Publishing for one!) Just enter "ebook cover designers" in your search engine. The book cover is so important and needs to be eye-catching. Don't be afraid to update your book cover from time to time, too. Sometimes that's all it takes to generate sales.  


My formatter is no longer formatting ebooks. This is the person who magically turns my word document manuscript into a file for uploading to various sites such as Smashwords and Amazon. Not wanting to do this myself because it's time consuming and my time is better spent writing, I went on Facebook to a page called "A Smashwords Book for Everyone". 

Many writers discuss and advertise their books on this page. Just post a comment asking who they recommend to format your ebook, or any questions you might have, and you will get plenty of help. It's also a page where you can promote your book. Just remember to use your Smashwords link.

Advertising and Marketing:

Be wary of paying a company for advertising and marketing for your ebook because there are no guarantees you'll get results. If you're like me, then pinching pennies is important, and social media has opened up many possibilities. The best time to "promote" your ebook is just before a holiday. People tend to buy more books because they will have more time for reading. I now post a link to my books on these Facebook sites (and you may find many more on Facebook) but be sure to read the About Section so you know the parameters around promoting your book:

Book Promotion & Links

UK E-Readers' Group Promotions  (Be sure to post only your UK link)

KindleMojo (Obviously, you will only promote your Amazon ebook on this page)


Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group

After I self-published my third novel "The Protector", I have learned even more about the self-publishing world, which is ever-changing. If you ever have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact me.